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The Lost Generation

More than one hundred statues featuring and commemorating WW1 Doughboys are across the United States. Most were erected in the 1920s and often times the funds were raised by veteran's and women's groups. The town of Mount Pleasant displays a doughboy statue in a unique traffic circle at the intersection of Main Street and Diamond Street.

The granite statue was erected on November 11th, 1924, and was organized by the Patriotic Citizens of Mount Pleasant. The inscription on the statue reads "Erected to the memory of our gallant sons who endured the hardships and fought our nation's battles". The current statue is the third to stand in this location, the first two were destroyed by traffic accidents in 1968 and 1981. If you're interested in seeing the head from the original statue, visit Leo & Sons Grille 31 on Diamond street, where it is currently on display.

The unveiling of the doughboy statue in 1924

Head of the original statue on display at Leo & Sons Grille 31

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