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The Ski Capital of Pennsylvania

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Laurel Mountain Ski Resort located in the Laurel Mountains on the western flank of the Laurel Ridge was originally created by Richard King Mellon as a ski area for members of the Rolling Rock Country Club. The official opening occurred on January 11th 1941 and consisted of one single run. Laurel Mountain was unique, being the first destination ski resort built in Pennsylvania solely for the purpose of skiing, earning it the nickname "Ski Capital of Pennsylvania". Snow reports for the resort were could be found at other eastern ski resorts and even in the New York Times.

After World War II the private resort was opened to the public. In 1947 a new lodge including a full service bar was erected and two new runs were created, The Dream Highway and Laurel Run. In 1964 Richard King Mellon gave the resort to the state of Pennsylvania with the stipulation that it be used for recreation.

In 2010 Laurel Mountain was approved for a $6.5 million dollar revitalization grant and broke ground on improvements in 2016.

Photo Credit to Sarah Stright

New Ski Lodge built in 1999

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