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[088] First Lutheran Church, Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA, Baptismal Records Part 4 1821-1848. This book lists 1,350 baptismsal records of the First Lutheran Church in Greensburg from January 1, 1821 to July 9, 1848. These records are a continuation of the baptismsal records that appear in Volumes 2-4 of The German Church Records of Western Pennsylvania series also translated and transcribed by Rev. Paul Miller Ruff. For this book, Rev. Ruff has translated and transcribed the original records from the German script as entered in church records by German pastors Rev. John M. Steck and his son, Rev. Michael J. Steck.  The baptisms of this period appear in a 1936 work self-published by Della Reagan Fischer in 1964. Differences between Ruff's work and Fischer's list are annotated in this new book by Richard A. Newhouse, who served as editor. Translated by Paul Miller Ruff and edited/annotated by Richard A. Newhouse., 2007,. 8½ x 11", Soft cover, 238 pages. $28.00

[088] First Lutheran Church, Greensburg, Baptismal Records

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